Gallery Cards for already approved domain


My domain is already approved for Photo and Summary Cards.

I just submitted request for new Gallery Card (awesome).

Is turnaround time shorter for already approved site?



I have the same issue

I was so excited to see the introduction of the gallery card as it is a much nicer fit for my product. I made the changes to my site – and – that are already approved for photo cards, but realized they might not show up for a couple weeks now.

Can I revert back? Or should I wait a week or so without cards at all? I don’t mind either way, it was just a bit confusing.


Here is the latest: Gallery Card displays OK in Timeline.

In Search results it is replaced by Summary Card without any thumbnails. So just the description is left. But if I click through the time stamp to Status View I see it as Gallery Card again.

Comment: when URL with Gallery Card markup is tweeted for the first time, thumbnail images get cached and there’s no way to change a thumbnail after that. It’s not clear how long this cache lasts (it’s not 24 hours or something needs to trigger re-cache, see



Hi Dmitri - have you stepped through the validator, and requested approval for participation in the Gallery Card? If so, please let me know the domain that you submitted under, and I’ll make sure that you get whitelisted.


I’ve done the same and changed to gallery card on some of my pages… any chance of a quick whitelist?