Gallery Card Not working on



My Gallery Cards were working perfect on in all I could see both mobile and on twitter website.

The past few days however all the tweets showing on are published as a summary card without a picture even?
The validator tool still shows as authorised and working for gallery cards though?

It seems on IOS and Android it works sometimes as a gallery still.

Example url:


Same happened for me. And still waiting on Gallery Card fix:


We are having similar problems with images on our tweets. All the other information works perfectly including description, title, links etc but the image for either summary card will not display. Everything matches Twitter documentation perfectly but no one from the development team can provide an answer for us or help troubleshoot.


Just reported this as API Issue. Hope to get at least partial Gallery Cards functionality back.


Same issues too… Our summary cards are working fine though…


I can confirm this issue as well.


Okay just going to put all the details here and tweet the developer (who is genuinely helpful) I’ve seen active on the forum.

Tweet a URL to a gallery card, will only load a summary card without any pictures in the news feed, however it will load a full 4 images if you view the details of the card…

example url:
example feed:
example details:

This is in FireFox 19… however try the very same thing in IE 8 and it appears to work fine… At this point I’m wondering if it’s browser related… (it could be my cache but I’ve tried clearing it).


And here’s what I see:

Gallery Cards

  • always worked in Status view
  • never worked in Search (see acknowledged API Issue #979 - no ETA)
  • used to work in Home TL and then broke (what we’re discussing here, see API Issue #1092)
  • still work in Home TL in Official Twitter App on iPhone/iPad

Not browser related. Tested in IE9, FF and CH.



I can confirm this issue as well. See below:

The images show up fine there, but in the stream or on the main page the images don’t show up.

Any help is much appreciated.


Gallery Cards are working in Home TL again :smiley:


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