Funding instrument v3 entity_status field clarification



Hi guys,

A quick question regarding the following from the v3 changelog:

The paused response attribute is no longer returned for funding instruments. Instead, look to the entity_status response attribute to determine whether or not a funding instrument is paused. In addition, because paused and cancelled correspond to the same value, cancelled is no longer returned in the response, either.

Is the deleted field still returned, or is this now also reflected in the entity_status field?

What are the values that can be returned for the entity_status field? Because I can’t seem to find documentation for this:
In the Campaign management overview the entity_status field is not yet documented, it still states:

Boolean status: paused, deleted, and cancelled (true or false).

In the reference only the request parameters are listed, and in the example responses only a single value is being shown (ACTIVE).

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Thanks for the question, @Tianape. Here is an example v3 funding_instruments response:

  "request": {
    "params": {
      "account_id": "18ce54d4x5t"
  "next_cursor": null,
  "data": [
      "start_time": "2016-07-22T04:24:04Z",
      "description": "Visa ending in 0650",
      "credit_limit_local_micro": 200000000,
      "end_time": null,
      "id": "lygyi",
      "entity_status": "ACTIVE",
      "account_id": "18ce54d4x5t",
      "reasons_not_able_to_fund": [],
      "io_header": null,
      "currency": "USD",
      "funded_amount_local_micro": 645940000,
      "created_at": "2016-07-22T04:24:04Z",
      "type": "CREDIT_CARD",
      "able_to_fund": true,
      "updated_at": "2017-04-05T00:25:13Z",
      "credit_remaining_local_micro": null,
      "deleted": false
  • deleted is still returned.
  • entity_status values for funding_instruments can either be ACTIVE or PAUSED. (Other resources, such as campaigns, also have DRAFT as an entity status value.)

Hope this helps!


Awesome, exactly what I was looking for! Thanks @juanshishido! :smile: