Funding Instrument update for CREDIT_LINE can not update CREDIT_LIMIT_LOCAL_MICRO



I saw in link below that we can only update FUNDED_AMOUNT_LOCAL_MICRO

I have funding instrument with type CREDIT_LINE, and I cannot update FUNDED_AMOUNT_LOCAL_MICRO.

I assume PARTNER_MANAGED type can update this, but not CREDIT_LINE type.

But I saw in below link that we have CREDIT_LIMIT_LOCAL_MICRO, and since I dont see it in above link, I just want to confirm that a CREDIT_LINE funding type can NOT update its CREDIT_LIMIT_LOCAL_MICRO, right? Just want to confirm this…


Thanks for the question, @aminmonster703.

You are correct. Updating funding instruments is only available for Partner Managed Funding Instruments.

The second link you provided is for reference documentation for our Ads API Sandbox Environment.

Funding Instruments can not be created via the Ads API, they have to be already established by the advertiser’s account manager at Twitter (for credit lines) or via (for credit cards) to be available - source