Funding instrument remaining amount not available


Funding instrument does not have remaining amount value included in response. It is always set to null.

‘credit_limit_local_micro’ => null
’credit_remaining_local_micro’ => null


Could you please provide us with a bit more information by following our Guidelines for Reporting Issues?

A twurl request that recreates this behavior would be very useful :slightly_smiling:


Hey hey,

here is twurl request:
twurl -H “/0/accounts/18ce53wyntv/funding_instruments” | json

Last funding instrument is able to fund, but response does not seem to include remaining budget.
Numeric fields set are:

  'credit_limit_local_micro' => null
  'credit_remaining_local_micro' => null
  'funded_amount_local_micro' => int 1000000000


Thanks! We’ll look into it :slightly_smiling:


After speaking with one of our Partner Managers, I think this looks okay / as expected.

The funding instrument in question is an IO (Insertion Order), so the limit is the total value of IO you are using - since you only have one active, then 1000000000 is the limit.


Ok, limit looks fine. The problem is the remaining amount. Should it not contain some value?

Funding instrument funded amount wrong

I believe If you start spending the remaining amount should get populated appropriately. If it does’t, please do let us know!


Account: 18ce53wyntv has funding instrument with id: kiyzp. It has some money spend on it, but the remaining field still holds a value of null.


Hmm. Off the top of my head I am not sure what’s happening. Let me look into that and try loop in anyone else who might have more context / knowledge on this.

Have you tried speaking to the Account Manager who set up this funding instrument to see whether something like this is expected behavior?


Thanks, that looks like a bug. I’ll raise this internally to try and figure out what’s wrong.


Hi @andrs! Any news on this? Thank you.


@andrs, @brandonmblack, anyone?..