Funding instrument funded amount wrong



Hi there!

I’ve noticed something strange regarding my funding instrument jasjn, from account 18ce53z82f8. When making the request GET accounts/:account_id/funding_instruments it shows

array (size=1)
  0 => 
      public 'start_time' => string '2015-07-02T07:42:31Z' (length=20)
      public 'description' => string 'Visa ending in 1026' (length=19)
      public 'credit_limit_local_micro' => int 200000000
      public 'end_time' => null
      public 'cancelled' => boolean false
      public 'id' => string 'jasjn' (length=5)
      public 'paused' => boolean false
      public 'account_id' => string '18ce53z82f8' (length=11)
      public 'reasons_not_able_to_fund' => 
        array (size=0)
      public 'currency' => string 'USD' (length=3)
      public 'funded_amount_local_micro' => int 298310000
      public 'created_at' => string '2015-07-02T07:42:31Z' (length=20)
      public 'type' => string 'CREDIT_CARD' (length=11)
      public 'able_to_fund' => boolean true
      public 'updated_at' => string '2015-11-12T17:00:44Z' (length=20)
      public 'credit_remaining_local_micro' => null
      public 'deleted' => boolean false

funded_amount_local_micro is bigger than credit_limit_local_micro, when it should be 0 if I look in the Ads UI.

For other accounts, their funding instruments look like they should, but not this one.

Could anyone please shed some light on this?

Thank you!


@majoritasdev can you share the raw HTTP response from the API?

(twurl -t if your code can’t produce the raw output)

This looks like your parsed logs. I’d like to insure this isn’t a type coercion issue in PHP or something related to how you’re actually parsing the response itself.

In the meantime, there are no known bugs around this at this time but we’ve pinged the business teams internally to check if our business rules should even allow a funding instrument setup like this. We’re waiting on a response from them.


Thank you, @brandonmblack!

The raw HTTP response:

HTTP/1.1 200 OK
connection: close
content-disposition: attachment; filename=json.json
content-encoding: gzip
content-length: 354
content-type: application/json;charset=utf-8
date: Fri, 04 Mar 2016 08:44:52 GMT
server: tsa_b
set-cookie: guest_id=v1%3A145708109203867422;; Path=/; Expires=Sun, 04-Mar-2018 08:44:52 UTC
strict-transport-security: max-age=631138519
x-access-level: read-write
x-connection-hash: 11f925a560070533a7a5d713aa8a18a7
x-content-type-options: nosniff
x-frame-options: SAMEORIGIN
x-rate-limit-limit: 2000
x-rate-limit-remaining: 1997
x-rate-limit-reset: 1457081407
x-response-time: 53
x-runtime: 0.042661
x-transaction: f0d90484b03f1760
x-xss-protection: 1; mode=block

{“request”:{“params”:{“account_id”:“18ce53z82f8”}},“data”:[{“start_time”:“2015-07-02T07:42:31Z”,“description”:“Visa ending in 1026”,“credit_limit_local_micro”:200000000,“end_time”:null,“cancelled”:false,“id”:“jasjn”,“paused”:false,“account_id”:“18ce53z82f8”,“reasons_not_able_to_fund”:[],“currency”:“USD”,“funded_amount_local_micro”:298310000,“created_at”:“2015-07-02T07:42:31Z”,“type”:“CREDIT_CARD”,“able_to_fund”:true,“updated_at”:“2015-11-12T17:00:44Z”,“credit_remaining_local_micro”:null,“deleted”:false}],“data_type”:“funding_instrument”,“total_count”:1,“next_cursor”:null}

If it helps, I have noticed that the amount 298310000, the value of funded_amount_local_micro, is the sum of all the previous payments, instead of the “Amount outstanding” like it is for other accounts, and how it should be.


Thanks @majoritasdev. We’re still waiting to hear back from the billing team that manages these to determin what’s happening. We’ll let you know.


Thank you, @brandonmblack!


@majoritasdev just heard back on this.

The funded_amount_local_micro value represents the total spend across all billing cycles which for this funding instrument is 298310000 ($289.31). As a result, it’s perfectly normal for this to exceed the credit_limit_local_micro value for a single billing cycle.


I see. Thank you, @brandonmblack! So I guess the credit_remaining_local_micro field is the equivalent of the “Amount outstanding” in the Ads UI, then, isn’t it? If yes, then this remains the problem: Funding instrument remaining amount not available. Could you please check the status of this bug?

Thank you.