Function To Render / Parse Tweet Buttons PLEASE HELP!


I make a popular wordpress plugin that uses the Tweet button, a lot of my users are recently complaining that the actually Tweet button is not showing up and that it is just a link.

After checking some of their sites out I have found that they are simply not being rendered by the API (widgets.js) do to the way WordPress is loading the API.

If there any function that can be run that will parse Tweet buttons? For example with FB you can run FB.XFBML.parse(); to parse all the like buttons on a page to make sure they are showing properly. Does Twitter have an equal counterpart?


I believe you’re looking for this snippet:









I had he same problem until I noticed the documentation examples are wrong for the javascript. For one example:

As used on my site:

Note the “https:” was missing on the js.src variable.

All the examples I looked at are missing the “https:”.

The examples would be clearer if they were not as minified.


Thanks for the catch, there was indeed a couple of typos in our code examples. Just fixed this on the [node:120] documentation page.


Tom, when the url starts with //, the http or https is prepended automatically by matching the protocol of the page from which it’s run. So, even though there were other typos, the examples were not missing the https by accident, it’s done this way on purpose.

Happy coding!



This works for me! Thanks


In the following button code, where would I add that snippet? Thanks…

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Nice!, I was looking for this solution…


How to parse specific tweet button in a page that contains multiple buttons without loading them all?


Is there any alternative for @anywhere in twitter api 1.1 version?