Full screen video issue on iPhone X



I don’t know if there is a way to adjust the top anchoring of a full screen video. Every time I expand a video, the “X” close button gets buried behind the battery indicator and prevents me from closing the video, also, the video does not removes itself when it finishes playing, so I get stuck at the full screen view.

Here is a screenshot of how it looks when I tap on the full screen button:

I’m not using any delegate method to present the fullscreen video, nor anything in particular, I believe that the SDD handles it by itself.


I’m seeing that too. It is tappable if I rotate to landscape but this really isn’t goo enough. I’m seeing it on photos too. There is another thread claiming the photo case is fixed in TwitterKit 3.3 but that is what I’m testing on and still seeing the issue.


Actually I updated to TwitterKit 3.3 and the issue is still present.


Same problem here.


@Twitter is there any solution here. The same thing occurs with the full screen image view controller. Which you call “TWTRImageViewController” internally.

Please either update these viewControllers to respect safe areas, or allow us the APIs to do so ourselves.


The code is open source on Github -> https://github.com/twitter/twitter-kit-ios

I’m not aware of a fix currently.