Full Historic Stream API


We have any questions that we can’t solve.
We are in contact to contract this API, but we have several questions and have directed us to make these consultations in the forum.

  • We will have N request per period. This periods have a month by month range right? We will have 100 request in march, 100 request un April, depending on which set we choose, right?

  • What is the date range that we can ask for on every request? Is there a limit? We can make a request for 2 years? Or is it limited to X months?

  • Is there any way to know how many request we are going to consume when we make a petition? For example, if our search implies 2.000 tuits, we will need 4 request. Do you inform that in advance? We think this is key to control the number of request we have left and being able to track it down.



Hi @CarlosChrysalis -
With Search Full-Archive, you can request any fromDate and toDate between March 2006 and now, as long as the fromDate is earlier than the toDate.

The data is returned paginated by either 100 Tweet pages or 31 day pages, whichever is reached first from the results data. The number of matches of the rule you’re searching determines how the data is delivered:

fromDate: 2009-01-01
toDate: 2010-01-01

For a rule that has 5,000 Tweets matching in the first month (2009-12-01 to 2010-01-01), would take 50 calls to return 100 Tweets per page

For a rule that has exactly 99 or less Tweets per month, it would take 12 calls returning available Tweets within 31 day pages:
2009-12-01 to 2010-01-01 page with 99 tweets
2009-12-01 to 2009-11-01 page with 99 tweets
2009-11-01 to 2009-10-01 page with 99 tweets
2009-10-01 to 2009-09-01 page with 99 tweets
2009-02-01 to 2009-01-01 page with 99 tweets

To get a preview of the number of matches for a rule, you can upgrade to the first paid tier of premium, which includes an endpoint that returns the matching count/volume histogram over the requested period.