Full Archive Twitter Count Search



This search only yields counts out to 2017-01-28. Is this an issue with the API, or my Full Archive account?

rule = gen_rule_payload("(NY Fracking OR \"New York\" Fracking)",
                         from_date="2012-06-12",  # UTC 2011-06-12 00:00
                         to_date="2018-06-12",  # UTC 2018-06-12 00:00
counts = collect_results(rule, max_results=500, result_stream_args=premium_search_args)
[print(c) for c in counts];

Looks like you can only get a thousand days per call – if I change the dates I get the counts for earlier dates. Can someone confirm that this behavior is correct and, if not, how I might fix it.


The counts API should only return counts for 31 days, you need to page through the results to get more data.
Sounds like you are paging already? But you say “per call”