From operator in querys



I need a query using Search API. This query has this structure:

  • one o more words
  • from multiple accounts

I can perform this query? I tried several ways from api console luckless. Here the examples:

q=words from: twitteracount1,twitteracount2

q=words from: twitteracount1 from: twitteracount2

q=words from: twitteracount1 OR from: twitteracount2

q=words from: (twitteracount1,twitteracount2)



You can use lists (either ones someone else has made, or build your own). Your query will be something like :

earth list:NASA/astronauts-in-space-now

Retrieving tweets for “earth” only from accounts listed in astronauts-in-space-now list owned by @NASA


Thanks Igor