From last week (14th April 2012) i am getting an 401 Unauthorized error for my application in Windows Phone 7


As i mentioned above i am getting 401 Unauthorized error suddenly from last week. later i got to know that i am njot getting the request token for my Consumer key. I tried creating and using new key too but even that dint work. I am not able to found out what went wrong suddenly.

Can anyone please help me out in resolving this Issue.


See [node:204] for some tips on debugging OAuth issues like this. You may want to try using your keys outside of your typical environment to better see what’s going on with them.


I’m also seeing the same problem, I have 2 apps one the windows phone marketplace that were uploading pictures fine but now I’m also seeing 401’s.

Has there been any changes regarding OAuth in the last few days?


There have not been any specific changes to our OAuth implementation in the past few days.

However, some Windows Phone environments send HTTP headers indicating the ability to consume gzip encoded data even when the application may not be engineered to expect gzip content. You may want to look into verifying that your application is capable of the assertions it makes as a possible debug point.


thanks for the tip and the quick reply, I just looked at the response from requesting an access token and below is what was received:!/izzyab12/status/195273172973658112/photo/1/large

Looks like binary (gzip) data to me? This used to be text a few days ago so did this part change on twitters end?


Just for anyone other wp7 devs have the same problem - Twitter did change the OAuth implementation to now use gzip. for more info:


This isn’t so much a change with OAuth as a change with the HTTP servers that serve all of Twitter’s content. We’re simply returning you data in the format you’ve asked for it in (gzip).