Friendships/show and more



It turned out for me pretty difficult to find any detail on the return of friendships/show method.
In particular, what values and on what conditions do “blocking” and “marked_spam” take?
Are they available only if source is authenticating user or always?

Maybe, there is some detailed documentation to get to know this and even more information on return of other API methods?


You’re correct that we don’t spend too much time here explaining fields in lesser-used objects.

The fields you’re wondering about are what we call “perspectival values” – they only have meaning based on the authenticating user making the request. When making the request without a user context, they have no meaning.


Nevertheless, as far as i get it friendships/show will substitute source with authenticating user, if not specified, like it was in API v1, but can also be called for two arbitrary users.

I guess in the case of me as authenticating user, blocking reflects if i block target user.
marked_spam then is true if i push button "report @target as spam"
So, should these two fields be nulls anyways, not depending on source reporting target as spam, if source doesn’t coincide with authenticating user?

Thanks in advance.