Friendships/destroy rate limit



Hello - new twitter api user here so bear with me or poke me gently in another direction if there is somewhere else I should be posting.

I have an app which has identified about 450 twitter accounts that I no longer want to follow. I can’t find information on the rate limits for friendships/destroy api call and gather that there may be no published limit as such but not to use the function aggressively.

Does anyone know what that might mean - like, when is it aggressive or passive? If i programaticaly set about destroying the friendships of these 450 accounts, is it OK to do or am i going to end up getting locked out.

The use of the app is for my own personal account only.



There’s no hard and fast rules for what’s aggressive, at least not published by Twitter. If you have 450 friends and you’re trying to unfollow all 450 accounts at once, that might be considered aggressive. But if you’re trying to unfollow 450 out of several thousands friends, I wouldn’t think you’d have a problems with that. But again, the Twitter bots use machine learning and probably some pretty sophisticated algorithms to determine this. If you think it’s aggressive, it probably is.

The rate limit for unfollows (friendships/destroy) is 15 per user per 15 minute interval (across all authenticated applications for that user). You’ll also see this in the response in the x-rate-limit-... fields so you can see where you’re at. So you’ll have to send those requests over several hours to destroy 450 friendships on one account.