Friendships/create suddenly returning "You are unable to follow more people at this time." for EVERY user 99% of the time


Over the last week or so, it seems the amount of friendships/create requests that are being returned with http_code 403 and error message “You are unable to follow more people at this time. Learn more here” has gone up drastically.

For nearly every single user of mine, they are getting this error on follow requests when most of them are nowhere near any published following limits, either total or for the day.

In fact, some have reported seeing this error messages on the first and only few follows of a brand new day when they only have a few hundred total friends and followers.

This just started over the several days or so with my application and I am wondering what is happening. Are the limits changing? Is my application being throttled? Is this happening to anyone else? If my users tried to make the same follows from a different app or from Twitter’s website, would they work or get the same error message?

Is anyone else seeing this?


This might be related to your specific application, as we haven’t seen (yet) other reports about this endpoint. Can you email me your API key at my username at twitter dot com? The fact that it’s intermittent makes it harder to debug. I can’t reproduce the issue with my apps.


Ok sent. I appreciate the help, let me know if there is anything else you need from me.


If it helps any, I JUST (within the last 3 minutes) tried to follow @episod from this account via my application and it returned that error.


Subscribed and looking forward to this finally being resolved! We have been having this issue for over 2 months now.


I’ve not been able to follow people for months. I didn’t kno how to let someone know about the problem tho. I’m glad I decided to search the code the error message sent me! Ok so I’m still lost and really world like to be able enjoy Twitter the way I used to. I don’t know what API key is but I can find it with assistance can you please assist me with this thank you?