Friendships/create rate limit on version 1.1


I’m moving my application from Twitter API version 1 to 1.1 and have issues with friendships/create.

according to the 1.1 documentation ( friendships/create is not rate limited, yet when I call friendships/create I can see that the rate limit is 15 (according to ‘x-rate-limit-limit’).

Am I doing something wrong here? is the rate limit really 15 follows per time window?


Are you seeing this on successful POST requests? I’m not able to reproduce getting this response on an actual POST, though if you try a GET you may see this behavior. If you still see it on an actual POST, can you share the response body and headers and the way you’re formulating your URL and POST body?



ok, found the problem.
I use the twitter gem and when you call follow it first makes a call to friends/ids to make sure you are not already following that member and /friends/ids is limited to 15 calls per window.

the solution was to call follow! (with ! ) instead to avoid the check.