Friends_ids returns duplicate ids



Overall, the number of people a user follows matches what is on their timeline. Why do some ids/usernames show up multiple times? Thanks!


Can you provide an example of what you mean here? Is this a consistent issue with a particular API endpoint?


This call “following = api.friends_ids(‘canonind’)” consistently returns duplicate ids. For example, this account ‘lizkimballet’ appears 3 times. It happens to other accounts too. Thank you!


That looks like a call using the Tweepy library. Are you sure it’s not an issue in the Python code? I just tried the following:

  • twurl "/1.1/friends/ids.json?screen_name=canonind&count=5000" > friends.json
  • edit and sort friends.json
  • no duplicate entries

If you’re able to reproduce in some other way so we can narrow this down to an API issue vs. a library or code problem, I’m happy to look at it further.