Friends' accounts suspended for no apparent reason and with no apparent automation. Where does one learn if it's related to the use of one's applications?


apologies for the recurrent question, but I don’t seem to get this straight and was trying to figure out what’s happening.

the accounts of friends get suspended without no apparent reason. They don’t seem to violate twitter rules/policies and yet get suspended (I’ve just alerted a friend whose account had been suspended).

This happened to one of my accounts, on real time, as I was testing the tokens and posting via one of my apps. I don’t think I’ve understood this completely though: my applications don’t generate spam. They don’t autoretweet. They don’t schedule tweets. You have to press a button to tweet something. They’re conceived to do the following:
1- one just helps members of a specific community related to a specific website (all site users, with same interests etc) to do the following:
a) track each other and if they don’t follow each other, follow.
b) retweet fellow members (the system cahces some tweets from members. You read the tweets, favorite or retweet what you like)
c) send some tweets submitted by members. You scroll down a list of tweets. If you like one, you press a button and tweet. Te tweet has a visible “via @app_related_account” tag that lets me monitor. There’s not so much activity to call it spam.

2- another app just lets you track those who retweet and those you’re following but aren’t following back. In case of “not following back”, the program doesn’t let you tweet the usual rude “@you @you and @you aren’t following me”, because that’s gross. You can just unfollow them at your discretion.
the retweets part is structured so to do the following:
a) send some thanks for the RT with image or not as required. In case the user has already sent a thank you, I have a throttle that says tweet about us or just come back later (to avoid endless lists of “thanks for the RT” which I’ve seen around). If you don’t want to tweet that, you can retweet your top friend (the one who retweets you more). That too has a throttle so it’s impossible, I’d say, that my apps are generating spam of any sort or that they’re violationg policies I have read many times.
Why do my friends get caught in the spam filter then? Does this have anything to do with the use of my apps?
If so, what have I implemented that’s against the rules?
Thanks in advance and apologies for the long thing. i am trying to figure out what’s wrong. The helpdesk sends autoreplies that have nothing to do with my question and then close the ticket (rofl).