Friday Follow list app idea


I have an idea for a Twitter app, but I have no programming skills so maybe someone else will want to run with this? I would love to have an app that does the following (and I’d even pay for it!):

1- With one click, post all my Friday Follow tweets with the hashtag #ff.

2- Arrange and combine the names automatically so that I need fewer tweets (as most tweets would approach the 140 character limit.)

3- Allow me to add as many names as I want.

4- Automatically delete user names of people who have deleted their accounts.

5- Automatically delete user names of people who unfollowed me.

6- Suggest new people to add based on the following criteria:
a) Must be a follower of mine (and not already on my Friday Follow list).
b) Someone whose tweets I have recently retweeted or
c) Someone who recently mentioned or interacted with me on Twitter.

*Bonus would be if it actually shows the retweeted tweets or interactions so that you can really evaluate whether the person should be added without any additional work.

Right now I use notepad to manage my Friday Follow list, and I cut and paste from there. Periodically I cross-check it with an unfollow app and also check my own posts and interactions to search for new people I’ve overlooked. I love Twitter but sometimes my weekly task of managing my Friday Follow list myself seems like a lot of work. Certainly there could be an app for this? Anybody want to try?