Frequently getting 'object doesn't support this property or method error widget.js code 0' error in IE8 for twitter profile widget


Hi All,

I am using twitter profile widget in my webiste. I am frequently facing the issue ‘object doesn’t support this property or method error widget.js code 0’ error in IE8 and also no tweets are displayed. At the same when i am trying to use it on different browsers like chrome no tweet is displayed in the widget. Can any one tell me what is the issue and how to overcome this issue.

It seems the issue is not related to the browsers, because no browser is displaying the tweets in the profile widget very frequently and at the same time …How ever sometimes it works very well on all browsers. Please suggest me how to overcome this issue.
Thanks in advance!!


Is the issue with the twitter widget? facing the above issue very frequently…


hi twitter team,

Can you please let me the know the solution for this…Thanks in advance!!


Can you share the site that you have the widget? Perhaps something is going wrong with the HTML and Javascript code you’ve pasted in.


I am using the following code in the normal html.



The above code works very well some times on all browsers like IE8,chrome etc some times. But some times the same code will not work on the same browsers, it will not show up any tweets in the widget in any browser and also gives the js error ‘‘object doesn’t support this property or method error widget.js code 0’’ error in IE8. Please let me know is there any fix for this.



Can I please have an update on this… Yesterday also the twitter widget was down and it was not showing up the tweet in the profile widget for some hours. We need the fix asap…


Sup with this, i see everyone complaining about the same exact problem of twitter profile widget working only some of the time.








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