Frequently Asked Questions



Basics / General
What are the premium APIs?
What is the “sandbox”? Is this real data?
How can I get technical support for the premium APIs?

Account setup
Why am I on a waitlist and when will I get access?
How cna I check my account setup?
Why can’t I add a team member?
How many dev environments are available for the beta?
How many developers can I have on my team?
Can a developer be on two different premium account teams?
If I signed up for an individual account, can I change this to a team account?

Technical help
I’m having trouble with authorization, how can I troubleshoot?
What Tweet format is returned for the premium APIs? Is there an example Tweet payload?
What happens if I hit the limit for requests?

What happens when I upgrade from Sandbox to Premium?

Search Tweets endpoints: 30-Day and Full-Archive
In what order are the matching Tweets returned?
How can I check my usage for the premium endpoints?
What counts as a request?
What operators are available in each tier of Search?