Frequency to change keywords


I am making an application that periodically may require changing the keywords in the POST statuses/filter request and this involves making a reconnection

The frequency of change is variable. Usually a weekly, but in some case this can be daily or, in extreme cases, one time every few hours.

The API penalizes reconnections and I want to make requests in accordance with the policy of use of the API.

The documentation says:

Clients which break a connection and then reconnect frequently (to change query parameters, for example) run the risk of being rate limited.

Is my frequency of reconnection within a reasonable time?
Is there any good practice that I should fulfill? (eg: omit the header “Connection: keep-alive” in the last request)



Yes I think it is. Unfortunately there is no indication what is the actual rate limit. Maybe @andypiper can provide us with more information? The Docs only mention that there is a rate limit in place but no mention how much requests in a rate limit timeframe are allowed.


The problem with publishing limits like this specifically is that bad actors can “game the system” - this is why we don’t currently explicitly post broken down limits for create/update operations. So I’d say a reconnection every few days should not be an issue, but many times an hour would be less desirable. Apologies for not being able to be more directly specific.


Thanks to let us know!
I understand this for the create/update but something like the streaming API I can’t really understand why this is done.
This creates for the App Developers and Users a case, that an error can occur which the App can’t handle, and not really do anything about it (as prevent the user from making new requests or wait for x amount of time), not even provide info to the User, such as “Rate Limited, please wait for X amount of time”.
The user will get disappointed and most likely blames the App Developer for something being “broken”.


I understand publish the exact limits can be dangerous. Your answer gives some light.