frequency_cap problem


Hi all,

We have tried to set frequency_cap and duration_in_days on the campaign endpoint. But we are geting this error

Saving value to field duration_in_days, frequency_cap requires account feature: REACH_FREQUENCY_CAP

I have checked documentation for features endpoint to see if that is on the list and it is not so is the documentation missing the REACH_FREQUENCY_CAP and we need to aplay for it or is someting else

Issues with Reach and Frequency Cap

@esome It’s likely that that endpoint has not been updated for a while. I have the same issue with Tweet Engager Targeting and other permissions.


@esome I can confirm that this is a beta feature that you’d need to have access in order to make use of.

@msbukkuri is correct in saying that the endpoint’s documentation is slightly out of date. I have opened an issue internally so we can address this.