Free hosting for twitter API?



Hi there,

I’m getting error in twitteroauth library in some free hostings, when i tracked the error I found curl fails, and when I asked the hosting administrators they said they have “disabled outgoing connections”. So basically you cant curl to anything and that’s why twitteroauth library doesnt work . Can you recommend me free hostings where I can host twitter applications?


That’s not really the right category, I move that to Developer Teatime.
If you don’t mind having to admin the server yourself, I can recommend Digital Ocean.


Maybe heroku is worth a shot - haven’t used it myself but heard good things about it for prototyping stuff. There are extra restrictions for Free app deployments though (it will “sleep” for a while)


Heroku is good but it uses a command interface with pre loaded frameworks and everything , and you need to take a while to learn how to use a bunch of things to use it. Do you know a “traditional” hosting just in case?