Found statuses with "Mysteriously Unnamed" user with no screen name


Streaming came up with an event which had the following user:

{'contributors_enabled': False,
   'created_at': 'Sun Sep 20 12:56:26 +0000 2009',
   'default_profile': True,
   'default_profile_image': True,
   'description': None,
   'favourites_count': 0,
   'follow_request_sent': None,
   'followers_count': 2,
   'following': None,
   'friends_count': 3,
   'geo_enabled': False,
   'id': 75781174,
   'id_str': '75781174',
   'is_translator': False,
   'lang': 'en',
   'listed_count': 0,
   'location': '',
   'name': 'Mysteriously Unnamed',
   'notifications': None,
   'profile_background_color': 'C0DEED',
   'profile_background_image_url': '',
   'profile_background_image_url_https': '',
   'profile_background_tile': False,
   'profile_image_url': '',
   'profile_image_url_https': '',
   'profile_link_color': '0084B4',
   'profile_sidebar_border_color': 'C0DEED',
   'profile_sidebar_fill_color': 'DDEEF6',
   'profile_text_color': '333333',
   'profile_use_background_image': True,
   'protected': False,
   'screen_name': '',
   'statuses_count': 291,
   'time_zone': None,
   'url': None,
   'utc_offset': None,
   'verified': False}

As you can see, the user has no screen name. The status id is 613671518711742465. I tried getting it via the /statuses/show/ endpoint and it has the same incomplete user.

I found these two items while searching:

One suggests this is a SMS user, the other one suggests a bug.

What’s up with these users?