Found account it was me pic and different my acct


I believe this causing me trouble as twitpic wil not help , blog you name I cannot go through this again, my acct keeps going of f, I was under impression wthe missing the more who show case the better, you sent to get friends thanks.

video how do I post why did you take the children video they are awareness and they are gone. This is next grands life whats left. I closed acct and did the best I could > wihy is my keyboad like jello

Last nite ABC and a few got great news the tbackpage was busted in action and we saved a girl life.

so I see no faces of missing? I would love and have Jeff Bridges Documentary When Hunger hits Home< I asked if could put on blog said Only happy stuff

17 mil kids only eat lunch 16/ 50 Milll americans in total. these are facts bridges voice view. sorry world not pretty right now.

where I do I find my co.
these are good hackers and yes I did Vietnam protest diff times, diff reason as usual Power to youth.

sign Leonor Arango @leeleonor I closed the acct pls do not show they will cyber kill me




no no my list is nancy grace, seator sounders, welfare hub I just saw other list I turned mine brown it turned last filled with ocuppy, this what happened FB .John Lennon, Sibel, the other one has nothing. I am paying all over, I cant afford this again jail.