Formatting the source from info on the timeline


Hi I am trying to find a way to format the returned status.getsource() info returned from the call.

I am trying to format the source form where the tweets of users on my timeline is coming from using twitter4j, and a application I am developing.

this is the code I am using


I have it positioned, but it is returning the full address of the source like this

< a href=“” rel=“nofloow”>Twitter for Blackberry

and all I want is it to say for instance Twitter for blackberry


We present the source field as an escaped HTML-based anchor link because that’s the way it should be displayed within your application if you choose to display it. If you’re output format isn’t HTML, I recommend using an HTML parser to consume this field and reconstitute the field in the same spirit.


Could you explain or guide me in a direction, as all I want is the html parsed with the source application name it is coming from

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