Form Integration through iFrame using Player Card or Poll Card (heard rumors)?


I have an iFrame that contains a form that allows user to upvote/downvote. After reviewing some of the other questions here in the developer forum, it doesn’t seem the Player Card is meant to be used like this.

How can I embed an iFrame that contains basic html and form that can be submitted via ajax?


Hi @Picapol, what you require cannot currently be accomplished within a Twitter Card or Tweet.

If you are trying to capture user information you may want to consider a lead generation card created on More information on lead generation cards here.


Hey @joncipriano,

Thanks a lot for the quick response!

I was ideally looking to incorporate something like this tweet: but it seems like maybe this was just a feature that was being tested?

Can you shed any light on when something like this would be potentially available or how we could assist in getting it off the ground?

Thanks again


@Picapol, ah, you’ve found a custom card! Those are unique executions. We don’t have insight to say whether those features will be available as a product or not. However, feel free to leave an suggestions for features you would like to see in a card like this. You may not receive a response, but we always take note of valuable feature requests.


@joncipriano indeed it is a unique card. I think it has a lot of potential! We are hoping to tightly integrate Picapol with social media networks so users can express their opinions graphically amongst friends. If we were able to incorporate an iframe into a custom card with tailored html to fit within tweets: it would allow twitter users to vote without ever leaving twitter. That is ultimately what we are trying to achieve :slight_smile:

We will stay tuned and continue building so we are ready when/if new features come along. For now, we do have a few summary cards working and it’s nice to at least show the image on the card, but we do think some custom card to integrate our iframes would be a huge benefit for true integration.

Thanks again for your quick responses.


Hi Picapol, do you have any news about it?

I’m trying to make this card but i can’t!

Many thanks!