Force recreate clients access token


About a month ago a new permission level was implemented.!msg/twitter-development-talk/6VT8D4tapuw/ISX604A2KwIJ
After that, clients using a saved access token are having problem to access DM timeline. The access token is saved in client side so I can’t remove it.

I need to recreate clients access token to make them sign in again and permit my app to show them DM timeline. Reset the app consumer key is not working. How can I recreate clients access token? Or any other alternatives?



I´m asking something like this in another thread. Do you resolve your problem?

I just wanted to know if resetting the keys I´ll receive another set of brand new keys or, if that process is only a kind of clean up the information in the Twitter servers.


If you reset the keys, only the keys of app will be changed. The clients keys will not be changed so it wouldn’t work.

I didn’t resolve this problem but I think I can try some thing like this:
Add some feature which removes clients keys and set some flag on client side. Every time start the app, check the flag if the app should remove the keys. In this way, you could clear clients keys once. Some time after remove that feature from the app.


so how to remove that clients keys feature?? Some code example pls if you have =D thx