So, we have a Twitter module on our website.

It lets users to:

  1. “login” - Login with their twitter username and password
  2. “logout” - Logout of their twitter account
  3. “refresh” - View most recent tweets and
  4. “see all” - A redirection to their account on (already logged-in)

We faced an issue known to many with “logout” whereby destroying the access token still kept the user logged-in till they closed their browser. But after logout, since we wanted the users to enter their username and password when they clicked login, we used “force_login=true”. This works well.

But a side-effect of this is that when users clicks “see all”, they have to re-login on Before using “force_login=true”, this was not the case.

So it appears using “force_login=true” applies to any links that take user to Is there a workaround for this? Can we make “force_login=true” applicable only for logging into the module on our site?


HAY I had trouble login but got in ok after a few tries something about user name not right but got in ok.