Forbidden Error when targeting Tweet to "North Korea" or "Myanmar"



I am facing forbidden error in publishing a tweet through Twitter API only when I select target countries “North Korea” or “Myanmar”. I am able to publish tweet for other countries without any issue.
Whenever I send narrowcast_place_ids field with following place_ids along with my tweet text to Twitter API, it always returns Forbidden Error with 403 status code and I am getting following message from Twitter API gem (
c999e6a453e9ef72 (North Korea)
765e433145f71368 (Myanmar)
Error Message-
Twitter::Error::AlreadyRetweeted: Status creation failed: Tweet creation failed.

This have tried it with multiple Twitter applications those are authorised to perform this action but faced same issue only for these 2 countries.


(moving to the Ads API category since only whitelist Ads applications have access to this feature)


Hi @ashikumar12! The error says “Already Retweeted”. That means that a tweet with the exact same text already exists, and as far as I know you cannot create two identical tweets.


Hi @majoritasdev, this is not the issue. I was trying to create tweet with new text every time and there wasn’t any tweet available with the same text on my twitter page. However, I found one thing that countries those are restricted by United States are giving same error on targeting. Following wiki link contains list of all restricted countries.

I tried to target tweet for each country mentioned in this wiki link but twitter returns same error message in response every time.
@andypiper, Does twitter impose this restriction for US restricted countries? Can we not target countries listed on this wiki link?


You’ll note in our Developer Policy that there are restrictions related to US-embargoed countries.