For spent metrics response from sync call and async call are slightly different



both calls are having same placement type all on twitter…
please note response from sync call is matching with the values at ads.twitter

call is on entity:campaign granularity:day
trying to
get data for last 7 days…
for 1 day there is slight difference…

Is there any issue with async calls??


Here is the info you need:

Billed versus Estimates
The BILLING metrics group provides a real-time view into the estimated cost of a campaign. After three days, the official billed result will be available through the BILLING metric group’s billed_charge_local_micro and billed_engagements.

All billing stats are generally final within 3 days of the event (~99%), however we do process some spam filtering for up to 14 days from the date of the event.

Please note that spend metrics are not available for dates before 2013-10-10.


Thanks @hector_borras
but I am using same daterange in both calls and doing call at same time…

please note async call giving more value for spent that ads.twitter value…

difference is about 4 %

so I think values should match exactly…


In my humble opinion It shouldn’t. If they say you should wait 3 days to get the EXACT results. Why do you expect get the same results?



Thanks @hector_borras