For some users in my app, I get "Sorry, that page does not exist", for most of them it works well


So my application does oauth authentication to twitter.
And for some users (like just 4 or 5 of them in fact), I get the {“errors”=>[{“message”=>“Sorry, that page does not exist”, “code”=>34} error.
I know it can be due to parameters like callback or stuff like that has seen on other threads.
But here the same logic apply for two different users and one is Ok and the other one gets that. The user exists on twitter.

The only differences are token and secret.

I try to understand what happen but can’t.



To which specific request or stage of OAuth do you get that error?


So I receive token and secret from iOS client, after that I try to update user information via /1.1/account/verify_credentials.json

and after that it’s the same when I try to fetch /friends/list

Is it possible that the iOS client is sending me old information that are not usable anymore? if they have it from the social api on ios


It’s possible – I’m not super-familiar with iOS, but the credentials are typically only validated when the user first connects them – if the user at some point rejected the link to IOS (like through the web interface to revoke tokens), the auth would no longer be valid.


Ok I suppose then that wrong credentials might get me that “Sorry that page does not exists” error


I have the same problem. Some users works and another doesn’t work.
I’m in a php application


I have the same problem.
Some users works and another doesn’t work.
They allows to access Twitter’s account via iOS, but fail.


Same problem: PHP script. When I change nothing except the username in my request, I frequently get Code 34 not found. Every now and then I find a username that works.

Example: works – J7mbo, fails: wafla

I have found no online solution to this weird, widely reported, easily reproducible error.