For android, is there a way to fetch cards data?



I want to fetch my timeline tweets and display the cards content (only if the tweet has a card) with other tweet data. So can someone please let me know, is there some way I can possibly get cards data for an android app??


If you have an Android app, you can use Twitter Kit from Fabric to show Tweets as they are intended. You could also use an embedded web widget. However, there is no API for retrieving cards data, so there’s no way to do this yourself manually.


Thank you for your quick reply. Yes, I am using twitter kit to show tweets. So going through the twitter kit code, I got to know there is a card field and there is functionality to even display the card, but tweet.card is always null. So does that mean the rest api ( ) itself doesn’t provide the card data?


That’s correct yes. At present there are no plans for that data to be in the public REST API.


Thats what I wanted to know. Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: