Followrs, Tweets, Retweets and othe public metrics of a handle


Hi Dev Team,

I am trying to figure out a brand campaign solution for twitter platform.

My question is -
How can I get the public information of a brand using it’s handles or hashtags.
Eg. @Cadbury5Star is running a campaign #PitajiKaThappad.

I would like to know (at any point of time or in last 1 days etc.)

  1. Total followers of @Cadbury5Star
  2. Total retweets @Cadbury5Star
  3. Total tweets with hashtag #PitajiKaThappad.

I do not have credentials for that particular brand/handle. But as the tweets / followers etc are public information, I believe it’s available for any handle or hashtag.
What are the rest apis , and what kind of authentication is required if any ?