Following numbers are not increasing


Every day 5-8 new people follow me but my numbers have not increased in over two weeks. What is the problem?


This has been happening with me for many months and I finally got it together to try and figure it out. At first I thought that I was just losing as many as new followers but that seems impossible for as long as it’s been the case. I don’t care about the number, truly, but I’m troubled by what seems to be a tech/product issue. @episod?


Please check my Twitter account to see why my follower count is not increasing at all while I am receiving notices that people are actually following me. This is my second request with no response. I would like to grow my profile, but finding it harder than I initially expected.



I Need to get verified so my fans know it’s actually me who they are following. who do i contact about this? Can i purchase the verification? Please respond as soon as ya can I appreciate it !