Followers who stopped following and then refollowed me :)



We’ve did an experiment a week or so ago, where a colleague who was following me, unfollowed me, then we waited a day and they reflowed me. We were interested in how long it took to update the followers list.

A week later, we’ve just checked again and she is following me, but I can’t see her in my list of followers.

Have we missed something simple? We can’t see why this should be a problem

Any hints, suggestions welcomed




I don’t believe there should be any significant delay to update the lists. Can you provide the account ids that you’re testing with? I was unable to replicate it with my own test accounts.



Thanks for the prompt reply. The user is @bethtegg. Our account is @JambusterLondon

We have searched and checked as well (honestly)




If a user unfollows you and then refollows you, on your followers page, they will slot back in where they originally were in your followers list, which is why @bethtegg doesn’t appear at the top, but about half way down the page.


Blast, apologies. We were looking on the main Twitter client and assumed it was at the top.

I’m very sorry for wasting your time, we rarely use the web client as our tweets are sent by the API and looked in the main IOS client by hand. Clearly we missed her.

Next time we’ll check harder. I’m very embarrassed.



No, it’s completely understandable! If it’s not something you’ve seen before, you wouldn’t expect that behavior at all. Glad we got it sorted out.