Followers reduction


My username is @SaveOceansNow

For many days now my Follower number keeps reducing even though twitter keeps sending me new Follows. There is something wrong with my Followers/Following. I have been stuck on 10,507 for a few weeks. I have stopped following those you send. I will follow no more until this issue is resolved, there is no point


I should mention that when I check with Tweepi and ManageFilter, and I have done so several times, none of my followers have unfollowed me. If there is a problem with spammers then those must be the followers sent by twitter. I only follow those who I notice retweeting others tweet. I have just noticed that ManageFilter says that I have 10,502 followers and Tweepi claims I have 10,503.

I am not following any more poeple that twitter sends, it’s hopeless. I will only followback those whom I follow…


I suppose I have no choice but to just keep following new followers since twitter or a hack is unfollowing. It never ends!


I have followed a whole bunch of followers but slowing they are dwindling down… decreasing still


Pray tell, why do you send me new followers just to unfollow them later? I dont get it. Isnt it better to not send me any followers and leave the following up to me? At least I know those who I follow are real people who constantly retweet. Yous just come and go all the time because you unfollow them… lol


Ok I have decided that I am NOT following anymore people that you send me. I keep reporting that my followers are reducing as I follow more of YOUR people you send. No more, if this goes on too much longer I will just abandon this twitter account as I have with others. TWITTER IS TOTALLY UNRELIABLE