Followers not getting any notifications


Ever since I created my first application my followers have not received any of my notifications. Likes, retweets, or mentions. They show up on their timelines, but not their notification tab.

I have tried deleting the app, and actually completely wiped the PC, but it is still happening. Is there any reason for this?

I have been trying to contact @support for 2 weeks, without an answer.


You are not alone:


Weird. Thanks for your help!

I was picking up about 150 followers a day, so that could be it. I hate not following back people who like reading my tweets though.


I’m not sure of what is happening… We have’t got an official answer from Twitter yet…


I’m still down, and they muted my second account that I was using to reply now. I can’t file a ticket, because they say my account is not suspended. I’m pretty sure support can’t even see my messages.

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