Followers List not rtuening complete count


On the API it states that this method would give back a count of upto 5000 and i currently only get 200. I would like to know how i can get the details of all of the followers.“screenamer”


followers/ids can give up to 5000 in a single request. followers/list can typically only return 20 in a single request (if it’s allowing more than that, then there’s a bug that you shouldn’t depend on the behavior of).

Use multiple requests and cursoring to traverse beyond that.


I’m also getting 200 per response from followers/list.

I do see that the docs indicate a limit of 20 per page, which is sorta silly, given that such a limit makes it impossible to fetch a user’s entire followers list within the API rate limits if they have more than 300 followers.

You could, alternatively, use followers/ids, and then users/lookup, which has a (documented) limit of 100 responses per request, and thus fetch up to 1500 followers. #halfbaked


I am also seeing only 200 users for /followers/ids, despite the documentation saying 5,000.