Followers/ids is not working


I’ve been using the followers/ids call to get followers of a particular twitter account. Lately, I’ve been noticing that this call is not working like it’s supposed to.

When I make the initial call with a cursor of -1, I get the maximum number of IDs (5,000), in addition to the value of the next_cursor. When I use the next_cursor as value for cursor option in the next cal, I also get 5,000 IDs, but they are almost identical to the first set of 5,000 (I get a handful, but sometime only 1 new IDs). This continues until I run out of API calls, and then I have to wait another 15 minutes, with the same results.

Did Twitter make modifications to this call, and is now only returning a maximum of 5,000 IDs? Please advise. My application stopped working.