Followers/ids failed after downloading a large number such as 700k ids



I used python twitter package. Copy some code from

After my download reach 700K followers id, it will give error: urlopen error [Errno 10060]. Do you have any suggestions?

After get this error, I try to use the saved Cursor to continue the download, but the after I re-login, it always return to the beginning even I pass a cursor value from last time download.

such as: if I pass in cursor 1456859325126615096(the cursor from previous download) for followers/id call, it will go back to the beginning of cursor such as 1502453035957255625.

According to following discussion, the cursor is persistent. But it will always go back to the beginning, and I cannot reuse the cursor. As a result, I cannot download followers id when it is reaching 1M. any suggestions?!msg/twitter-development-talk/cStHZQKNUnw/1ucp0gfwWvAJ

I also try used tweepy package. It has similar result.

I also try to contact twitter, but do not get any feedback.

Getting all followers of a user: no faster way?

Looks like quite an old book - I’m not familiar with the code you’re using.

This looks like a Python error to do with being unable to connect to the remote peer. My guess is that you’re hitting a rate limit.


thanks. I figure out the problem. It waited too long for next query, and it might cause the cursor in server side recycled. I changed to 15 minutes plush couple seconds.