Followers/ids Data random order?


Is the data returned from followers/ids supposed to be in, what seems, a random order?

I have a little script running which get’s the followers from a user, however the results are never the same ( order-wise ).
Even though the documentation says that it orders the id’s according to the date said person started following the user, this doesn’t reflect in the results I’m getting.

Also, will there ever be a sorting option for things like this? ( ASC / DESC / By NAME/SCREENNAME )

Thanks in advance!


Are you experiencing a random order or just an inconsistent order? We have a lot of servers and follow graphs are “eventually consistent” – it’s definitely possible to hit a server with one set of data and then hit a server with a different state of the data for some period of time. Can you share some of the erratic responses along with the times of the calls and the URLs you’ve executed?

It’s not likely we’ll ever offer API-level sorting functions on these methods.


may be too late now to ask, but I’m getting a random order and so when I compare followers/ids with friends/ids I get a little disaster. I’ve tried to add count=“200” as parameter (in the hope to get the last 200 folks in both lists) but I get false unfollowers all the same… There must be somehting I’m missing here.


nevermind, I figured it out. There’s this thing called cursoring lol
Anyhow I’m terrified by rate limits, so the app will just say “this may be totally wrong” if the API returns more than 1 page of followers (more than 5000, I think. You’ve got more than 5000 followers, don’t complain).