Followers/ids and users/search


I’m new to this so please bear with me.

Two things:

My app needs to go and retrieve the list of all followers of mine. I know followers/ids does that but I’m confused on the rate limiting. Some users have over 1 million followers and if I repeatedly call followers/ids changing the cursor each time then after 15 calls it stops (as I’ve hit the limit). How do I go about getting ALL the followers and avoiding being rate limited?

Secondly, users/search.json … Is there a way I can determine if a user in the search results follows me? On the web interface it says ‘follows you’ so it must be there but I can’t find it. How do I get it?



I’m having the same problem.
I’ve authenticated with oAuth nicely, and it all works fine.

Now if i want to retrieve all the ID’s of the followers from an account that has ~ 100.000 followers, i’ll need (100.000 / 5000 =) 20 calls.

But the limit is 15. How can I fix this? Why not just throw out all of the followers? Or at least move the limit from 15 to ~50 (or perhaps 100).

How can i fix this?