Followers date



I am new to twitter API. I want to know is there any way to get when a user started to following another user ?

Any input greatly appreciated.


That data is not available in the API. You’d need to track this using the Streaming API (or by diff’ing follow/following lists in the REST API over a period of time)


Thanks for replaying.
Can you please let me know which class/function of streaming API should use to get the the date of following ?


You’d have to listen on the userstream and watch for following notices (and keep track yourself). You cannot get the historical follow date, that data is not available. The point is that you’d need to keep a track of the new followers yourself.


I really appreciate your quick response.
I have seen there are many websites which shows historical follow date(from 2010 itself). i wonder how they are able to do this ?


They would have been tracking the same data using the same methods (probably via diff’ing the REST API to check on following lists, but I don’t run those sites so I cannot comment).