Followers aren't receiving our notifications. Anything we can do about this?


Followers have been telling me since yesterday that they aren’t getting notifications when we interact with them, and we confirmed this with alt accounts. Our tweets still appear on followers’ timelines, etc. and our account hasn’t been locked according to Twitter, however–this only applies specifically to notifications.

Searches tell me this is probably because I’ve been put on some hidden, soft spam list for interacting too much or something, but didn’t give much in the way of solutions.

I can’t send a ticket because it won’t let me use the “locked account” form, which is the only one that applies!

Has anyone dealt with this issue before and have any suggestions?

Thank you


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As I noted previously, we can’t comment on specific applications or accounts in the forums, for privacy reasons. For questions about your specific usage of the Twitter API, the API Policy Support form remains the best way to get help.

However, it sounds like you’re actually asking about issues your account may be experiencing with your mentions of other users appearing in their Notifications timeline — including for content not created via the Twitter API. These types of questions about content visibility are off-topic for the developer forums. And, again for privacy reasons, I can’t provide specific information about your account here.

Well it is related to the API in so far as we have a bot running on the account, tweeting a few times a day with content from our site, and that is the suspected cause of the limitation. But we can’t know for sure if that’s what caused it because Twitter apparently doesn’t notify you when it does this.

If you think this is off topic for this forum, can you at least tell us where exactly we can contact Twitter staff about this limitation that’s been placed on our account?

“As I noted previously”, that other thread said to make a ticket, but the locked account form won’t allow us to submit one…

@yoyoel @andypiper

Edit: Tried using that API form to ask if our application caused this limitation and got this…

Thanks for reaching out. This helpdesk is for policy inquiries from developers building on the Twitter Platform. For all other requests, including those regarding account suspensions, harassment, and general support, please refile your request via the appropriate form here.

Linking back to the support page that doesn’t have a usable form this applies to lmao

Are we supposed to intentionally get our account fully suspended so that it will become Twitter policy to acknowledge that our problem exists?!

Edit 2: Well, two days later our ability to appear in notifications is back as suddenly as it disappeared… Still think it’s a weird policy that Twitter does this to accounts without warning or a way to submit a ticket about it, however.


This is ultimately a platform behaviour that can occur if an account is detected to be behaving in an irregular manner or for some other reasons detailed on the support pages. This is not a developer platform or API limitation so this forum is not able to provide additional assistance. The best way to learn more about this would be to investigate our help center and support articles in more detail.