Follower count not updating


Hi I am using an unofficial widget called Twitter Fan Box:
I set it up a while back on a client’s blog as you can see here:

Up until this weekend it was working fine, but she had her twitter account suspended and reinstated for whatever reason.
Now the plugin is back to normal again, apart from the follower count being reset to zero and it now shows 4 instead of 923.

I’ve tried changing the plugin but I get the same problem. However, when I substitute in a different twitter account it works fine!
I have checked all my code thoroughly but I can only assume the problem is with twitter now, rather than with anything in the plugin.

Does anyone know what the cause of this issue might be and how it can be fixed? I’d really appreciate some pointers as it’s been driving me nuts!


Update: I have now removed the follower count display from the unofficial widget, and instead activated the follower count feed on the official twitter button below it.
Now on most browsers it shows the 923 followers which is great, but on others (eg. Safari on my mac) it shows just the 4 new ones which the unofficial widget was showing! (yes I have cleared my browser cache, etc)
There must be a fix for this bug, it seems to have a mind of its own…!
Any ideas at all please let me know, thanks.


Update: The issue now seems to be fully resolved.
I guess either someone saw my message and sorted it out or it just fixed itself over time.
Either way although I’d still love to know the root cause, I am happy I can move on from the issue!


My twitter counter is not updating at all only the initial number of followers are displayed


My twitter followers arent updating, i get the message that some new follows me, but my followers are not increasing, can anyone help?


Same problem. My twitter followers are not increasing beyond 385 in no. Is it a bug from twitter side?


My twitter followers arent updating either, i get notifications that some new follows me, but my followers are not increasing, can anyone help?


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