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  1. The First Product you will use is the NOC:
    Use the NOC Full strength for this skunk problem, with the car.
    a. Take the NOC and Put in a new pump up sprayer (with no water)
    Spray the car down, getting in the grill work, under carriage, raise the hood and spray the motor area real good. Use at least gallon and half on this station wagon.
    b. Take a soft cloth and wet in the NOC and wipe down the leather seats and as much interior as you can get to.

  2. The second Product is the B.O.S.S.:
    a. The car needs to be running and the fan need to be on (pulling fresh air from out side)
    b. Take the B.O.S.S., in the spray bottle, I sent.
    c. Raise the hood and look for the Vents, where fresh air is being pulled into the car.
    If you do not see it easy, a Kleenex, can help find it, there should be two.
    d. Spray the B.O.S.S. 10 times on the Right side and then go to the Left and do the same.
    Wait 10 minutes and do the 10 time again on the right side and then the Left.
    DO NOT SPRAY 20 times at one time.

  3.  e. Wait an hour and do the same with the NOC, BE SURE TO RINSE YOUR BOTTLE REAL GOOD!
      f.  Spray your head liner in side the car with the NOC , since we have leather seats, we have to do things different.
  4. Now you are ready to use the Carpet Granule inside the car. Use at least to jars in the car on the floor, seats, in the back of the wagon. Even in the tire carrier. You will need to leave for four or five days before vacuum out. We have to remember we are dealing with the cold weather, so it is harder to degas items (such as the odor that has gotten in the seats, etc).

  5. When the car is vacuum out, that is when I would like the Household Packs to go into the car, under the seats (two in front and two in back).
    Call me if you would like more information.
    Brian, I know it seem like a lot of product, but please follow instructions. This is exactly, what I would do if the car was mine.
    Skunk odor is bad, and it gets into items so bad.
    Naturally the car can be driven, just throw a towel or sheet over the driver seat. Do remove, when car is not in use.
    Please keep me informed.