Follow stream connection stopped working


Hi, I’ve been using the follow stream for a few months and it has been working well until two days ago. When I try to restart the stream I keep getting a SignalException: SIGTERM error. Nothing I’ve tried seems to make an difference.
Have there been any changes to the Api? As far as I understand I am not exceeding any limits. Thank you so much for your help.


I am not aware of changes. Are you able to share more about your connection method?


Sure, I use Ruby on rails, twitter gem, hosted on heroku.


Yes sorry but what are your parameters?

There is one other question on this forum related that also uses the third-party Ruby gem and I’m wondering if there was a change, but I am unable to verify.

How long is the follow parameter you’re attempting to use?


$client.filter(follow: q.join(",")) is the call. The follow parameter contains 3245 ids


I had a problem before that was sold by reducing the number of ids but this time it doesn’t make any difference whether I only have 1 id or more.


If you are using a GET / URL set of parameters I would suggest ensuring you are using the POST body data to sumit the filter parameters.

I am not aware of any intentional or meaningful change to the filter endpoint lately (to all intents and purposes this API is frozen). I can only apologise for any inconvenience you’ve experienced.


Ok, thank you. Similarly to the other question on the forum my connection stopped working last Friday. Please let me know if you hear of a solution.


Are you using a POST set of body queries or GET URL parameters? This is a known issue for long GET URL parameter strings.


Looking through the Twitter gem code it looks like a POST
def filter(options = {}, &block)
request(:post, ‘’, options, &block)