Follow Me Twitter Button for websites


I made the Follow me button on the main Twitter page for that, put it on my website, then was in a panic to remove the buttons from my site, because when I clicked on the button from my site (it said, Follow@AilsaForshaw), but opened directly into my profile page, and had a button on there to go right into my account. Gaagh!! So scary! I hope I’ve removed them all from my site… I don’t know how to fix it, so I just took the buttons right off, but I really want my readers to be able to Follow me. I was trying to see if I could sign out of my Twitter account, and then see if the button did the same thing, but I’m brand new to Twitter, and sadly enough, I couldn’t even see how to sign out! booo!! Clearly, I need lots of help! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!